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The first question most people ask us is:  “How much does it all cost?”  That’s a good question, unfortunately without a design in hand; it is impossible for a cabinet designer to guess what it will cost with any accuracy.  There are just too many factors to consider.  To determine exactly what it would cost will take significant planning.​

The first step is to start a list of all the things you what in your new space. Then visit some of our design galleries and start dreaming. 
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Kitchen Remodel - After
Counters extended, Decorative cabinets, Window enlarged
Kitchen Remodel - Before
No counter space, dark and gloomy
Updated appliances, Window Focus
Old, worn out cabinets
If you followed the steps above you probably have a lot of questions. 
Come on in to The Cabinet Broker's showroom. We can answer your questions, show you the products and styles available from the different manufacturers and help you understand the remodel process and how we can help.
Kitchen Remodel - After
Kitchen Remodel - Before
 Shaker Maple Natural
Rendering Prior To Ordering
Kitchen Remodel - After
Kitchen Remodel - Before